Our knowledge

The CIML builds and designs molds for the manufacturing of elastomer and rubber parts according to different processes of molding: compression, transfer, injection, prototypes, industrial molds.

We also make heads of extrusion and lines for the elaboration of material dedicated to the the sport equipment and industrial products.

With its specific equipment, the CIML became a specialist of the turning for big diameters. Our NC machines allow turning cylinders and crowns of big sizes according to operation of turning, borring, threading … diameters of 700 mm up to 1200 mm and length of 1500 mm up to 2000 mm.

We build tools for the work in metal in embossing and stamping processing.

With our experience and our network of professional, the CIML offers solution like CFAO 3D – manufacturing – assembly – special treatment and coated solution – marking.

The CIML is equipped with cutting units and welding machines. We also have a stock of metal sheets sized between 10 mm to 30 mm.

Large sizes machining

Our turning machines NC hollow cylinders work and large sizes of crowns (turning, threading, boring …) diameters of 760 up to 1200 mm and length between spikes of 1500 up to 2000 mm , turning diameter with NC machines.

Custom realization

Mastery of various operations (design CFAO 3D-manufacturing-assembly) make CIML a privileged partner as manufacturer for the realization of your project.

Studies and design

The CIML can carry out the study of your tooling needs on the basis of documents provided (workpiece plan, manufacturing process, used press). We use for this Solidworks CAD whose result of study is submitted to you for agreement before launching it in manufacture.

We can accept the following file format: IGES, STEP, DWG...